Our Team

George Booker Snr

  • Owner
  • Investigator
  • Debt Collector

082 465 6754

With more than 30 years of investigative experience, George Booker snr is the leading investigator of this privately owned business.

After matriculation in 1982 he joined the South African Police Services and became the youngest constable at the age of 19 to be transferred to the Detective Branch due to his investigative nature where he served for several years. He could accomplish results others couldn't, often at great risk.  When the stakes were highest he was ready to face the challenge and with his sixth sense he soon became well-known for his ability in solving from petty crimes to more specialized matters.


Psira:  1579601 – Grade A (16/07/2008)

CDC:  3308254/09

Commissioner of oaths countrywide:   9/1/8/2

SAPS Detectives Course:  3/1984

SAPS Riot & Crowd Control:  1987/12/27

Traffic Diploma:  November 1989                      



George Booker –jnr

  • Jnr-Investigator
  • Debt Collector

071 679 5312

George Booker-jnr joined B-Inform in December 2007.  Jnr showed his ability and determination in bringing a culprit to justice by his perseverance in going back to the roots of his training and origin of a crime situation.

George-jnr also assists the Heidelberg Police in apprehending suspects involved in drug related offences on a regular basis.

He also achieved a Basic Life Support Graduation Certificate during 2013.


Psira:                                        1943334 – Grade A (14/09/2010)

CDC:                                                    0021402/07

Basic Life Support for HCP:      EPC111/05/10/2013 (16/10/2013)

Commissioner of oaths:            217/7/10

Basic Fire Fighting:      F2760514


JP Booker

  • Jnr-Investigator
  • Debt Collector

082 524 7164 


JP joined forces with the team in 2010. He loves to capture the actions of an investigation on camera. 

JP has shown good ability in sensing by a person’s behavior when he is withholding the truth. 

He also was involved in the successful recovery of stolen property in 2013. 

Successfully completed a course in photography in 2011. 


Psira: 2032042 – Grade A (14/01/2011)

CDC:   0084301/15 


Ansie Booker

  • Admin
  • Financial Manager

082 498 3370

Ansie is in charge of all administration, finances, reports and occasionally assists in operations in the field. 

Furthermore she gathers crutual information to use as evidence in investigative matters. 


Psira:   2032044 – 2011/01/14

CDC:     0023298/7