Alcohol Testing

Employers are faced with this problem on a regular basis. Abuse of alcohol or drugs on the workplace while on duty, the consumption of alcohol or drugs before coming on duty, with all sorts of excuses such as “it is from the night before" or "it is cough mixture." Employees sometimes “nip out for a quick one" during their meal break, or field sales staff "have a few" while entertaining clients to lunch.

The employer's rules regarding alcohol or drug consumption whilst on duty, or off duty before coming to work, must be very specific and must warn employees that should the rule be contravened, disciplinary action will follow which may result in dismissal. The policy must also make mention of the regulations in the Occupational Health and Safety Act regarding this Issue.

B-inform is in possession of a calibrated breathalyzer. We carry out breathalyzer tests and also testify at disciplinary hearings on request.